• Spring and Fall Clean Up

  • Spring Clean up

    Springtime in greater New Haven Area brings with it greatly anticipated warmer and longer days. Spring cleanup isn’t just for the inside of our homes but is the perfect time to prepare our landscaping for outdoor summer fun. Spring cleanup removes the yard debris that has been buried by winter’s snow and ACA Landscaping, LLC’s spring cleanup services will prepare your yard for new life of flowers and a lawn green with grass, not weeds.
    You never know what you will find once the snow has melted. Leaves, limbs, and lost mail are typical finds in our yards. To prepare your lawn for the growing season, these items are removed and the lawn is gently raked.

    Damage to your lawn is not uncommon and can be caused by road salt and plow services. ACA Landscaping, LLC will seed and prep the damaged areas for the growing season rather than leaving it to become a future mud puddle. Depending on the severity of the winter season your lawn may also require mowing or watering.

    Plant Beds and Trees

    Dead annuals are removed making room for new plants. Soil around the remaining plants is loosened to promote growth. Any remaining leaves and limbs are also removed from the plant beds and dead or broken limbs can be removed from shrubs and trees. 
Spring cleanup is also the time to prepare your landscape for weed control and remove any early season weeds that have begun to grow. Spring cleanup is good time to trim any bushes and depending on the time of spring, plant flowers.

  • Fall Cleanup

    When fall arrives, it’s the time of year in Connecticut when we begin to prepare our yards for the coming winter weather with our fall cleanup services. Fall cleanup includes removing leaves from plant beds, removing dead or fallen limbs, trimming back bushes and preparing lawns and gardens. You can count on ACA Landscaping, LLC’s fall cleanup service to prepare your property for the frozen white blanket of winter. 

    h2. Lawn Fall Cleanup

    Lawns require the most care during the fall cleanup period. Leaves need removing along with any fallen limbs or debris. Lawns may also require a final mowing cutting the grass to the appropriate length to endure the winter and along with any late fall applications of fertilizer.

    Plant Beds and Gardens

    Last but not least on the fall cleanup list are your planting beds and gardens. It is best to remove annual flowers and especially vegetable plants. Tomato and potato plants left to rot can transmit fungal disease into your soil and can affect next year crops. Once the annual plants are removed, it is a good time to till and add fertilizers or organics to the soil. These beds are then topped off with a layer of mulch.